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Accidents involving untraced or uninsured drivers!


It is estimated that there are more than 1 million uninsured drivers on the road in the United Kingdom. You may then wonder what your prospects are in seeking compensation if you were to be involved in an accident with an uninsured driver or involved in a ‘hit and run’ collision.

The civil department here at Levins Solicitors recently succeeded in securing compensation for a victim of a deliberate ‘hit and run’ in which the Claimant suffered severe injuries to his back, neck, legs and shoulders.  After unsuccessful attempts to locate an insurance policy in connection with the white van involved or to locate the driver responsible for the accident, we pursued the claim against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau under the Untraced Drivers’ Agreement and the Claimant was awarded over £10,000.00 in compensation. We were successful in securing not only general damages for his pain, suffering and loss of amenity but also aggravated damages. This award provided the Claimant with additional compensation for the fact that he was the victim of a deliberate assault, in which the vehicle was used as a weapon to intentionally cause injury and harm.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (‘the MIB’) is a non-profit organisation which was set up following agreements between the government and the insurance industry. The aim was to compensate victims of untraced and uninsured motorists and those injured in accidents involving foreign-registered vehicles either in the UK or elsewhere in Europe. The MIB is restricted to paying compensation in circumstances where compulsory motor insurance should have been in place and this means they are obliged to pay compensation for property damage, death or injury arising from the use of a motor vehicle in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Accidents involving untraced or uninsured drivers
Additionally, we can assist with recovering damages if you have been involved in an accident with a foreign-registered vehicle. The MIB is responsible for operating the ‘Green Card System’ in the UK. This means we will often be able to identify a UK handling agent to deal with the matter on behalf of the foreign insurer.

The MIB handles over 20,000 claims against untraced and uninsured motorists every year and we at Levins have experience in these claims. If you have suffered an accident at the hands of an untraced, uninsured or foreign vehicle, we would recommend you contact the police to report the incident as soon as possible before seeking legal assistance.

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