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I’ve been interviewed by the police without a solicitor – next steps


You should always have representation

The starting point is that everyone should have a representative at the police station. It doesn’t matter whether this is a voluntary attendance or an arrest. Often, we are contacted by clients who have gone in alone and afterwards decide to seek representation.

The good news is, it isn’t too late. Even if you have been released without charge (RUI) charged or receive a postal requisition we can still provide you with advice.

Guide you through next steps

Unfortunately, we can’t change what happened in interview. What has been said, has been said and if charged the interview transcript will be evidence at court. We can however guide you through the next steps of the process and if there is a re-interview we can attend with you.

Advice at the police station investigation stage is free as long as you contact a solicitor who has a legal aid contract to provide advice. We have been providing free police station advice for over 30 years.

How we can help

Our head of department, David Woods is highly respected locally and nationally and has expertise in serious crown court cases such as serious drug cases. We have a busy and successful magistrates department managed by Louise Bauress and attend police stations daily.

If you need advice give us a call – 0151 480 5777 and speak to one of our criminal team. Or you can fill out the contact form on our crime page and we will be in touch.

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