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I have been released under investigation. Do I need a solicitor? 


What does being released under investigation mean?

Changes to the investigation stage

In recent years there have been many changes to the investigation stage of the Criminal Justice System.  Arguably one of the biggest changes is the introduction of being released under investigation (RUI) but what does it mean to be released under investigation.

It essentially means that you are suspected of a criminal offence and at unspecified date in the future you will be told the outcome of that investigation.

An example

Let’s take an example, you have been out for a drink with some friends and been involved in an altercation.  In the past, the most likely outcome would be that the police would arrest you, interview you and release you on police bail pending the result of the investigation.  Nowadays, it is more typical that you will be contacted by an officer and asked to attend a police station as a volunteer for a “voluntary attendance”.  You won’t be arrested and at the conclusion of the interview you will be released under investigation.

There are obvious advantages to this.  Nobody wants to be arrested and detained.  You are not released on bail which means that you are under no obligation to return to the police station.

What are the downsides?

What about the downside of RUI ?  Well, there are no time limits.  The police essentially have as long as they like to progress the investigation.  You are playing a waiting game to see if you receive a phone call to say no further action is to be taken or receive a postal requisition to attend court which is effectively a “postal charge”.  This uncertainty understandably causes upset and distress for those accused.

I have been released under investigation. Do I need a solicitor?

Yes, even if you didn’t have a solicitor present at the initial interview.  Why do I need a solicitor ?  Simply, because we understand the process.  We can make efforts to get property which has been seized back (as long as it is not possibly evidence in the enquiry) We can liaise with the police on your behalf and advise you as to procedure. This service is FREE.  At Levins we hold a criminal contract this means that we can provide free advice and assistance for all suspects irrespective of income.

Even if you had a different firm at the interview you can still come to us.  We have experience of attending the Police Station, Magistrates Court and Crown Court and dealing with all types of criminal offences including assaults, sexual offences, fraud and drugs offences.  We are based in Merseyside but our criminal practice is nationwide so wherever you are in the country please give our criminal team a call on  0151 480 5777 to see how we can help. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form on our Criminal Law page and we will get back to you.

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