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We deal with all aspects of criminal defence services. Cases often start with a criminal investigation at the police station.  Our team will attend the police station with you free of charge whether you are arrested or face a voluntary interview, we’re with you every step of the way.

We will assist you on the most minor magistrates’ court matters right up to the most serious crown court matters. We specialise in serious cases, including offences of murder, armed robbery and sexual offences. We also deal regularly with serious drugs cases and money laundering.

Our team of lawyers is headed by David Woods who is a duty solicitor and higher court advocate with over 30 years experience of criminal practice.  Dave has dealt with many serious cases and is highly respected by clients and barristers in Merseyside and beyond. Our reputation in this area is built on working hard for our clients and ensuring that they receive the best quality legal service.

We aim to be transparent on our pricing and you can see full details of our fees here: Levins Private Fees


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around the clock expert advice

Criminal defence solicitors Liverpool: Being a defence solicitor means providing around the clock expert advice. We have been involved in many high profile cases and pride ourselves on assisting clients to navigate the criminal justice system. We hold a legal aid contract which means if legal aid is available and you are eligible we can represent you. We also deal with many cases where the client is ineligible for legal aid. This means charging on a private basis. Our private fees are always clear and transparent – no hidden extras.

Whatever problem you may have, we are here to listen and help. We are passionate about providing the best service we can to all of our clients, without judgement. We understand how confusing, and even frightening, the legal process can be and we can help explain everything clearly to you so that you know what is happening. We will always fight to get the best possible outcome for you. If you need further information, please do get in touch by filling in the quick contact form or giving us a call, we would be happy to see how we can help.



I have been asked to attend the police station as a volunteer. What does that mean?

For full details please read are article on voluntary police station interviews

Due to various reasons such as budget cuts, low staffing levels and closures of police custody suites, we have seen a dramatic rise in the amount of people asked to attend voluntary interviews, many of which have never had any involvement with the police, are young, vulnerable or have mental health issues. It is often more convenient for the police to bring people like this into their local police for ‘a chat’ about the allegation.

This chat will usually be a tape recorded interview which ‘may be used in evidence’ if the case was to ever go to court. It is often the case that people, feeling they have done nothing wrong will attend these interviews and speak freely with the police without obtaining free legal advice.

Whether you are arrested and interviewed or interviewed as a volunteer the interview has the same evidential weight.  That means if you go to court, what you said will be told to the court.

At Levins we are attend these interviews on a daily basis.  We know how to look after our clients interests and ensure you receive the best possible advice.  Even better as we hold a government contract to provide advice and assistance at the police station, the advice we give is FREE.

I have been arrested what are my rights?

The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1986 and the Codes of Practice contain the rules that the police must obey when someone is in custody. The two most important rights that you have whilst in custody are the right to speak to a solicitor free of charge in person and the right to have someone notified that you are in custody.

What does a solicitor do on my behalf whilst at the Police Station?

It is vital to have a solicitor at the police station as the outcome of most cases can depend on what happens at the police station. A solicitor will protect your rights and ensure that you are properly treated. He will secure disclosure from the police and discuss the disclosure with you and the strength of the evidence in private with you prior to interview. He will take your account and advise you whether to answer questions or not.

I have been previously arrested and the police have told me not to bother getting a Solicitor as it takes too long. Why would I wait for you to come out?

We have an obligation to attend the Police Station within 45 minutes of being notified that the police are ready to interview. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. We are experts in our field and are available to help you. If you go into interview without a Solicitor you will not have the benefit of any legal advice and your actions could well lead to your case being jeopardised at Court.

What happens once I have been interviewed by the Police?

After interview the police will make a decision as to how to deal with you. They usually seek advice from the Crown Prosecution Service. You will be dealt with in one of the following ways:-

  • Released on police bail and asked to return to the police station at a later date (if you had been arrested)
  • Released under investigation awaiting the outcome of a charging decision (If you attended as a volunteer)
  • No further action will be taken against you
  • Issued with a fixed penalty, or a caution or conditional caution
  • Charged with a criminal offence(s).

Will I get bail?

You are entitled to bail unless the police or courts have substantial grounds for believing that you will fail to come to court, commit offences on bail or interfere with prosecution witnesses. At the Police Station we can make representations on your behalf that you should be granted bail. If you are kept in custody by the police you are entitled to an application for bail at the Magistrates Court (except for cases of murder where different rules apply) This will usually take place the following day unless it is a weekend or bank holiday.

If I am charged with a Criminal Offence, what happens at court?

Your first hearing will be at the magistrates court. If you plead not guilty then the case will be adjourned to a hearing a trial date. Depending on the case the matter can be dealt with in the magistrates court or crown court. You will be given further advice as regards this depending on the nature of the charges. At the trial all witnesses will attend and give evidence. If you plead guilty your case could be finalised at the first hearing or the court could adjourn reports. Certain offences are “indictable only offences” and can only be dealt with by the Crown Court. If your case fits into this category your case will be transferred to the Crown Court.

Why do I need a Solicitor at Court?

We will be able to assess your case and advise you about the law and how strong the evidence against you is. We will be able to provide advice as to whether or not you should plead guilty. If you plead not guilty we will be able to represent you at a trial where witnesses will be called to give evidence. If you plead guilty we can assist you by putting forward mitigating factors to the Court.

Will I get Legal Aid at Court ?

The test for Legal Aid is in two stages. Does the case meet the “Interests of Justice” Test. This means whether the case is serious enough for a Solicitor to be involved. For example, it is extremely rare for the Court to grant Legal Aid to someone charged with non imprisonable road traffic offences. The second stage of the test is whether you are financially eligible. Most people who receive benefits will be entitled to Legal Aid. If you are not eligible we would need to assess the cost of representation. This will depend upon the nature of your case and length of time it is expected to last. We would provide you with information about costs at your request.

Why choose Levins ?

  • Because we have been providing criminal defence services for over 30 years.
  • Because we have an excellent team
  • Because we travel to where you need us to be.  We often attend police stations and courts in Huyton, Liverpool, Merseyside, North West, North Wales, Cheshire, Lancashire but we will provide representation anywhere in England and Wales