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Liverpool Crown court representation


Led by our head of department, David Woods we have extensive experience of preparing and representing clients in the Crown Court.

The stakes are often very high and you need to know that you are in safe hands. Dave Woods is a Higher Court Advocate (HCA) and can represent clients at the crown court but we also have established links with barrister’s chambers and so you can rest assured that you will be represented by someone with the right skills and experience to assist you.

What types of cases are heard in the Crown Court?

Liverpool Crown Court representation: Some offences “indictable only” can only be heard in the Crown Court. These types of cases are the most serious and include murder, manslaughter, rape and intentional wounding. Other cases such as fraud, drug offences some assaults are ‘triable either way offences’ and can be dealt with either by the Magistrate’s Court or Crown Court.


If you need any further assistance please give us a call on 0151 480 5777 or for 24 hour emergency police station assistance 0151 480 5833 or fill in our contact form below.

Why choose levins?

We hold a legal aid contract and therefore if you are eligible for legal aid we can assist you. Far more people are entitled to Crown Court legal aid than Magistrates Court legal aid.  We provide advice from the outset as to whether you will receive legal aid. Our work starts at the police station. We advise you and represent you at the Magistrate’s Court. If your case is sent to the Crown Court we will already have met you, sorted funding and started to consider the evidence on your behalf.

Good lawyers are proactive. It is not just about looking at the prosecution evidence but knowing what information to ask for. It is about instructing the right experts and making sure you have an expert barrister. It is about leaving no stone unturned. We will advise you if the evidence is against you and we will advise you of any potential defences.

Dave Woods has been a criminal advocate for over 30 years and is highly respected in his field. We are used to dealing with high profile and serious cases and so you know that you are in safe hands. Dave and his team try and help our clients in a sensitive, non-judgemental way. We realise that some circumstances are difficult to talk about and we therefore aim to ensure that we can put the best case forward on your behalf by understanding the facts of your case, from your instructions.