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Road Traffic Accident Claims Solicitor Liverpool

The Process

In any personal injury claim, there are two issues to be resolved: who is to blame (liability), and how much compensation should the injured person get (quantum)? In the best case scenario, the other side’s insurer will admit liability and we will be able to reach an agreement on quantum and settle the case without going to court.

If the other side’s insurer admits liability but we can’t agree how much compensation is, we will ask the court to decide.

If the other side’s insurer doesn’t admit liability, we may need to take your case all the way to trial.

The amount of evidence we have to gather will depend on the extent of the disagreement (if any) with the other side’s insurer. It will include, at minimum, a report on your injuries from an independent medical expert; it may also include such things as wage slips, tax returns, receipts, witness statements, and CCTV.


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Hit by an Uninsured/Unidentified Driver?

What do you do if you are in a road traffic accident, but the other driver is not insured? Or would you know what to do if they can’t be traced, because they left the scene of the accident before exchanging details?

Road Traffic Accident Claims Solicitor Liverpool: If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident the aftermath can be overwhelming. At best it can be extremely tiresome, but once you have exchanged details, you know that your insurance company or your solicitor can deal with everything. But if you haven’t, or can’t, exchange details, you might think you have no recourse under the law to claim compensation.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau – commonly known as the MIB – is an organisation that deals with circumstances such as these. The MIB functions under two separate agreements between the Government and the motor insurance industry:

The Uninsured Drivers Agreement
The Uninsured Drivers Agreement requires the MIB to meet unsatisfied Civil Court Judgements against identified motorists, who may not have been insured as required by the Road Traffic Act 1988. So if the other-driver has no valid insurance there is still a way in which we can assist in securing you compensation.

The Untraced Drivers Agreement
The Untraced Drivers Agreement requires the MIB to consider applications for compensation from victims of “hit and run” motorists. Therefore even if you did not get a chance to take down the details of the at-fault vehicle there is still an avenue available to secure compensation that you rightly deserve.