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What happens at a police interview?

At the start of the interview, the police should tell you:

  • The names of the officers in attendance
  • That the interview is being recorded
  • The purpose of the interview – including what offence is being investigated
  • That you can choose to end the interview at any time
  • That you do not have to say anything
  • That anything you do say can be used against you in a court of law
  • That you have the right to legal representation
  • You should be formally cautioned – if this does not happen, then anything you say during the interview may potentially be considered inadmissible as evidence by a court.

They will then ask you questions which can cover issues such as:

  • Your whereabouts at certain times
  • Whether you know certain people
  • Your knowledge of specific events
  • You have the right to breaks (normally 15 minutes every two hours) if the interview goes on for this long.


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Why choose levins?

Voluntary police interview solicitor: If you are called in for interview and ignore the request, chances are you will be arrested so our advice is always to call a solicitor and make arrangements to go in.

Some people think they can be interviewed without a solicitor as they have nothing to hide. This is never a good idea. We are experts and we are free so please take advantage of that.

We attend police stations 7 days a week, 365 days per year. We attend day and night. We attend locally or nationally. We attend for theft, assault, criminal damage, rape, harassment. Whatever the offence we are ready to deal.

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