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Success in the Magistrates Court for the Criminal Department


Our client was charged with a common assault against a relative of his ex partner.

We were able to arrange a voluntary interview for him rather than an arrest where he was represented by Peter Haney and he was able to give his side of the story at the earliest opportunity.

The client disputed the allegation and had to endure a trial in Liverpool Magistrates Court run on the basis that our client had been assaulted by the complainant. We had obtained supporting evidence from witnesses and photographs of our client’s injuries.

We instructed local counsel who stated:

“Excellent instructions as always, many thanks. I’ll let you know later if there is anything else I need but I think you’ve covered all the bases I can see for now.”

The client was acquitted after trial and we received a message from him thanking us for everything we, and Peter, have done to help him. He said he now feels like a stronger person because of Levins Law.

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