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Why you should make a Will


Why put off making a Will?

Making a will is one of those jobs that we have good intentions of sorting out, but that a lot of us don’t get around to actually sorting out. This can mean that what happens to your estate after death is out of your hands. A Will allows you to leave clear instructions about how your estate i.e. your assets are to be distributed when you die. If you do not have a Will your assets may go to people who you would not want or who you would not have chosen.

Who will manage your affairs?

A Will  also allows you to choose who will manage your assets when you die, these are called your executors. Your executors will be responsible for applying for a Grant of Probate.

If you do not have a Will, your closest relatives will be entitled to apply for Letters of Administration and whoever applies will be responsible for managing your assets when you die. This might be someone that you do not trust.

A Will allows you to appoint guardians for any infant children you may have until they come of age. You will also be able to make specific arrangements to ensure your children are taken care of financially.

You can make specific gifts to individuals or charities under a Will such as items of jewellery, ornaments or cash.

If you aren’t married

If you are not married, your partner will not receive anything from your estate if you do not make a Will which makes provision for them.

Most importantly, if you do not make a Will your assets will pass under the intestacy rules which means that initially your estate will pass to your spouse. If you do not have a surviving spouse then your estate will pass to your children. If you do not have any children then your estate will pass to your parents. If your parents do not survive you then your estate will pass to your siblings and so on.

If you have specific request or requirements when it comes to your estate it is important to make a Will to document your wishes.

How can we help?

It can feel a little daunting putting these provisions in place, but it is the only way that you can be sure that your wishes are going to be respected. Making a will doesn’t have to be scary, or something to keep putting off. Our team are here to talk you through the process and listen to your wishes sensitively. If you have any questions or queries in relation to Wills please contact our private client department on 0151 480 5777 or at fill out the contact form on our Wills page where you can also find more information and some FAQs.

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